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Our service works and that’s all about. Placing you in the hands of experienced and trusted home improvement installers. Read some of the testimonials our customers have sent in over the past few years.

Robert Bilston - Birmingham September 1, 2017

Very pleased with my new windows I couldn't have asked for a better job and all thanks to DGZ for the help finding me a great price but I will company, they really do save a lot of time. Cheers again.

Eddie Reynolds - Leeds September 1, 2017

Your website is very useful, I found it very easy to get information, not to mention the easy tools for comparing local companies. I was hesitant to use DGZ at first, but I went ahead, and I'm glad I did because they saved me £600 after I compared for local quotes. 10 out of 10.

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Greg Stone - Newcastle September 1, 2017

Great company, great advice, and very pleasant staff at the end of the phone. I couldn't have asked for a better job, DGZ provided me with four top quotes to choose from and the price was right. Thank you very much.

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Sue Parker - Nottingham September 1, 2017

Thank you so much for sorting my double glazing, you saved me loads of time, otherwise, I would have been here for hours talking to companies. I would recommend you to anyone looking for double glazing and a conservatory. I am glad I found double glazing zone.

Pauline Mitchell - Glasgow September 1, 2017

I didn't really want to use this website because there are so many other websites saying get quotes and we'll get you the best prices, blah blah blah... But I can honest to god tell you that these guys know what they're doing and they did save me £700 compared to a previous quote I got so all I can say is thanks very much and I will remember you in the future.

Kevin Bridges - Coventry September 2, 2017

I was looking for a better deal and that's exactly what I got once I use your system. It didn't take long once I told you about my job to start getting quotes through the phone. The first quote came in a day,  followed up by a home visit from a local company I knew about and now trust. Thanks for the great me service, love it.

Kevin Bridges - Coventry

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Alan Todd - Manchester September 1, 2017

Thank you for doing a great job on my double glazing they look smashing. if I have any more projects in the future I know where to come because this service is second to none compared to other services I used we're only big brands start calling you instead of local companies. Really useful and helpful, thank you.

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Eddie Irvine - Hamilton, Lanarkshire September 2, 2017

I got one quote for £4300, another quote for £5700, and another quote for £7000, and guess which one I took for the exact same windows. This service really works, thank you so much, guys, I'm going to tell the guys at work about this.

Rachel Hunter - Lanark September 1, 2017

I was pleased with the first thought I got it but then another for coming and I chosen one that was in the middle of the price range I was thinking about. my new windows were installed within 3 weeks and they look fantastic even better looking than my neighbour Sharon's.

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Richard Thompson - Falkirk September 4, 2017

When you're looking for double glazing or a new conservatory look no further than the double glazing zone because they save me over £1,000 on my new windows, I couldn't have asked for any better when I started to get the quotes in I was pleased with the way you handled my job. Great service and will use you again.

Dianne Smith - Kirkliston, Edinburgh September 1, 2017

Media a new price for triple glazing because my old double glazing windows or beginning to look very nasty and untidy so I started searching on the Internet for a company who can provide me with a decent quote and guess what I found you again and I'm really really really really really glad I did because you save me over £500 and I know that because my mate was charged around £5,000 for the same windows and I got them for 4 and a half thousand and that was just two weeks ago. brilliant job guys

Susan Clark - Liverpool September 1, 2017

What can I say, this service is great, all I had to do was input a few details on the computer and local companies started calling me, arranging a time when they could come out and have a look at what I needed. I would have chosen a local company anyway, but it would have taken time ages and that's why this service is great, thank you.

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Stuart Henderson - Bothwell, Hamilton September 1, 2017

It was time to change my new windows after 17 years, I can remember the last time I got them installed, it seems only yesterday. Anyway, I came across your company and I got a quote that was decent enough for me to choose. I am glad it's just local companies you work with, well done, and I wish your company the best of luck.