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Choosing Double Glazing Companies You Can Trust

Choosing the best double glazing companies

Choosing the best double glazing companies out of so many if a nightmare for making decisions, especially when you know you have to make the right choice.

So How Do You Choose The Right One?

This is a great question and I think this should be answered in detail, so here goes. There are many different factors about choosing a window installer, and the most important one is trust.

So how do you go about trusting a company to fit your new windows and how can you different between them? When you are looking at websites, you should instantly get a feeling about the company in question.

Is their website designed professionally?

When you came across a company with a nice and clean looking website, your almost half way there because if they took the time to invest in their own brand and the way they come across, that’s one point.

However, haveing a nice and clean looking website doesn’t tell you everything about the company, so you’ll need to dig further, which you’ll explain why as we go further into this article.

Do they have a track record?

When you’re on the website, take a look when the company was incorporated, and do a company check on Google to see if their annual returns have been submitted.

To do this, all you need to do is find the Limited company that they trade under, just say for an example – Everest – you may or may not have heard of them but to cut to the point, their one of the biggest in the UK.

Example – Do you see 2016 Everest Limited

double glazing company

If you search Everest Limited on a search engine you get a lot of information about the company, including the assets the company own and cash in the bank. You could go a step further and download their accounts for 5 quid, but that’s not really needed.

When you get a good idea about the financial strength the company has and if it’s in the millions, your as good as gold ( well 95% ) but any company can go bust at the end of the day but choosing a well-established firm is a way to go here.

Can you find reviews online about the company?

When you’ve found a company and you have a feeling they’re going to be your number one choice, you should search online for customer reviews and see what their customers are saying about their past jobs.

As You Can See From The Everest Website

double glazing companies

Good reviews really say it all here because the customer is always right, right?

Not every time, because some customers can’t be pleased whatever you do for them and you should not take one or two negative reviews about a company that does hundreds of window installs every day.

If you get 85% good, then take the bad as an indicator of a great company that tries their best for you.

Are they easily contactable with a nice freephone telephone number?

I believe that every brand ( even the small ones) should have a freephone number because it’s windows you want fitting, not a cat flap and windows cost a lot of money so you may want some advice from them before you proceed.

What To Look for in a Double Glazing Company

If you’ve done everything I talked about here they’re only a few other details you need to have a look at, starting at the price. Not every big brand offers the best prices.

After all, they have advertising costs to consider and staff to pay every week and that cost money and lots of it. As far as trust is concerned, your 100% golden to hiring them because you can trust them because at the end of the day you have the government on your side.

Many problems if your installation you can get on the right side of The Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman if you have a valid reason to complain.

Reasons being would be a bad installation or low-quality materials used or wrongly marked double glazing sales patter, so if you have any problems give them a tinkle.

Here’s the phone number 0345 053 8975.

House for double glazingIs It Better To Trust a Company You Have Heard of Before?

The answer to that I think I’ve already explained is some detail and the short answer again is Yes you can. Companies that are in the business usually have their T’s and Q’s fine-tuned because of the larger the company, the larger the public liability risk.

Remember the secret to finding the right company is to plan your new job, take your time and do your homework until you get a gut feeling about your decision. And yes, there are websites like our that provide a local quoting service from large brands and local companies but we don’t have any control over the company you choose.

Once you leave our website, it’s in the brand’s hands. But that doesn’t mean we’ll run after you use the service, absolutely now way. You see, when you use our services, we’ll put you in front of trusted companies in the first place.

All we are saying is that we are not the double glazing company, they take the rains once we have done our job and just so you know, we work smart to get you the right company by the way.

Let’s move on and answer some more questions you may have.

Understanding The Double Glazing Market

You probably know the glazing market is saturated with small and massive brands and not all companies work the same. The market is a great place for the consumer (that’s you) to get a good deal if you play they game.

Like I said, do your research and ask many companies to prices your job up, after all, they do it for free and you’ll be able to get a great feel about the competency of the company that visits your home.

If you don’t like them or you feel you getting pushed remember your the one with the power here and don’t listen to sales patter here and there. You want a straightforward company that offers free advice without pushing you.

The right company won’t need to push you if they do their job right and answer all your questions and offer you a great and reasonable price for your new windows and that’s it.

Deciding on The Right Double Glazing Companies

Once you’ve decided you can ask what the deposit is and when they final payment is due, if they ask for the payment upfront you can ask for different terms like a 50% deposit, then the final payment after the jobs done.

If you get a company that offers you these terms, you’ll see that there confident about doing a great job and you don’t need to pay they until it’s just right.

If you’re paying on finance you still have the power to get the job done properly and if it’s not you can get on to the finance company that gave you the loan to tell them about sloppy work.

They might want a home visit.

Can I Find Better Deals If I Do My Homework?

Yes, you can and you should always do your homework because they were most homeowners fail here, it must always be done and because it only takes 20 minutes or so to check out each company, it’s well worth the time you put in.

Why Should You Use Our Services Here

III get straight to the point here, if you take advantage of our free service to find better double glazing companies and give us a few minutes, we’ll take the hassle out of doing all this homework.

We work with 100’s of installers around the UK from London to Birmingham and even the Highlands of Scotland. We have a great partnership with top installers who can get you discounts if you have a big job and even find you DIY supplies to fit the windows yourself if you’re a handy person.

You have nothing to loose and a lot to gain and your under no obligation to take any company on from our panel of double glazing installers when you get a quote today.

Give it a try and find experienced double glazing companies you can rely on – start the process here.