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UPVC Windows

UPVC double glazing is the most common type of installation you have probably heard of or you have currently have in right now. There are many benefits to plastic windows including.

  • The cost is much cheaper than wooden and aluminium frames
  • You can basically choose whatever colour you want
  • Quicker to make and fast to install
  • You can do the whole house for about £3,000+
  • You can find cheap UPVC windows online without much hassle

There really are loads of uses for plastic window frames but the glass is what’s important and choosing an A-rated type of glass is the secret of keeping heat and sound from escaping. The lower the E-value, the better your windows will perform no matter which frame you have installed.

Wooden Windows

Aluminum Windows

Wooden double glazed windows are defiantly a wise choice for safety and the long lasting, quality effect they add to your home. Some benefits include:

  • A long guarantee when you buy
  • Looks great when fitted
  • Can use triple or double glazed windows
  • You can stain the wood with many colours

The best part about these types of frames is some come with a 30-year guarantee and provide add strength. As well as multi-point locking mechanisms for secure locking which makes double glazed windows much safer and burglar proof to some extent.

The frames can have (depending on the frames you choose) trickle ventilation for improved security and to save the hot air escaping through the vents. Wooden frames are also better looking that uPVC and offer a great range of painted finishes in hardwood, oak or pine depending on the manufacturers. Make sure you get the right double glazing prices for new windows, click here.

Hardwood frames can include colour matching so your property matches the rest of the scheme but if you want to stand out you can do that also if you just ask them. Timber frames also add a natural warmth which is generated by different types of wood.

Aluminium Windows

Probably the most expensive type of window frame because of the manufacturing process and the machinery used to cut the metal. This investment is ideal for:

  • Business users
  • Homes who need extra security
  • Slimline profile can be used
  • Very durable and strong
  • Narrow sight lines
  • Very low maintenance costs if any at all

If you want long lasting and future costs, these are the window frames you want to consider. These frames are best for small business owners who want to secure their property and homeowners who want to invest in solid security and add more value to their homes.

Choosing The Glass Inside The Frame

uPVC Windows

The glass inside the frame is very important and you can customise it in many ways, including misted windows, high strength glass if you live on the main road or similar place. When you are asking about the glass, before you buy you can ask questions like:

  • What is the U-value?
  • What gases are used between the panes?
  • Is the glass safety glass or not?
  • How strong is the glass?

The U-value is what glass is rated by from the people who make the glass and the lower the value, the better the glass. This is based on the heat retention the materials used will perform when installed. The current U-value for UK windows is between 1.6 W/m² to 2.8 W/m² with 1.6 W/m² being the best there is at the moment.

If you get a value of 2.0/2.5 W/m², you are still doing fine and this will keep your home warmer compared to higher U-value materials used.


When you need a new sunroom fitted we have the right answer for you and that’s making local sunroom installers compete for your business without sacrificing on the quality of course. Here’s the quote form in case you missed it to get an average cost of glazing per window.

Find Approved Double Glazing Companies

Go ahead, try our system for double and triple glazing deals, you’ll be pleased you did, because we not only save you money but we can save you a load of time talking to different companies as you’ll end up with a higher cost and fewer options because you weren’t giving the opportunity to see everything that’s available in your area from one local service provider, and that’s us by the way.

All you need to do is click this link and start by telling us about the new energy saving glazing you are interested in or if you need help you’ll get it here. We not only find you great prices for double or triple glazing but we do a great job at getting you UPVC door prices from companies who want to work with you and offer you something different from the rest in your area.

Patio Doors

Patio doors make your home look really classy and the benefits in the summer make a home, a home. If you are considering new patio doors why don’t you use our free services for down to earth local price comparison in your own area for a cost of glazing a 3-bed house or larger home? You can benefit by saving a lot of money and time and if your thinking about a new project, read the next part.

What To Watch Out For In This Market?

uPVC double glazed windows

They say that in life it’s all about who you know and it’s very true. When you looking a decent labour rate for sash windows you must take your time and have a look at the company you are talking with. It is a time sensitive process and doing it yourself can leave you with thoughts of being ripped off or you just feel you paid to much.

This is a huge problem for homeowners small business and one that must be dealt with experience and relationships if you want are to ask for discounts. We know some salespeople can be too pushy and can place huge markups on your overhaul costs and it’s legal to do if they don’t go right over the score.

These are called opportunists and move from company to company either because they have been sacked or sent to prison for overselling windows. Please, please, please do your homework before you hand money over the table and if you do come across someone who just oozes the sense of making money, run for the hills. Return to the top to get quotes from many firms.

They should be offering you advice and looking for ways to save you money with quality and cheaper material because they can buy them in bulk. Usually, the larger the company is, they should be the cheapest but not always compared to some local companies. There are some very good local companies that buy in bulk to reduce costs for you and that’s the types of people you want.

We can help you find these people with our experience and skill sets.

About Tilt and Turn Double Glazing Windows

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are the second most common double glazed windows used in homes throughout the UK and the USA if you find this interesting? Adding value to your home is imperative when your spending thousands of pounds and tilt and turn frames do that job and make your home very classy looking and watertight.

Compare double glazing prices from our trusted installers for better all round deals you can’t find anywhere else.

Do You Need Double Glazing Repairs?

Window repairs are also a pain and a costly expense when money is tight or your the type of person who wants a better deal for everything they buy in life, we think that’s the way it should be. Having one pane of glass replaced won’t be a problem and we’ll put you in contact with the right firm to do that for you no matter which UK town you live in.

Sash window repairs are very common and because some older buildings need a good technician so it makes the jobs look good and seals correctly, you may want to know that not a lot of companies offer this service and you may be on the phone for a while until you find such and company without use a system like the one we have build-up over the years.

Sash Windows

Sash windows come in many shapes and sizes, colours and systems the market is very competitive for a reason because there are some very companies offering very good deals when you know what you’re doing. The best part about double glazed sash windows is the fact that they can be very versatile in most homes and older homes like listed buildings. Compare double glazing prices with our panel of great installers, click here.

Double Glazing and Energy Efficiency

Once you have the appropriate triple or double glazed windows installed at your home, you can expect to save up to 50% on heating bills, so your windows pay for themselves in that respect, that’s why homeowners love us because we work with the best quality UPVC, timber and aluminum craftsmen because no one else will do for our customers. You’ll see our trusted installers are experts in home efficiency.

You’ll see our trusted double glazing installers are experts in home efficiency as well as fitting windows, but most of all,  they care about saving our planet and that mindset reflects on the work they carry out from day to day, week by week.

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You can find out more about us and see how we work very fast, and very hard to grab you the quality you’re looking for and down to earth costs in your local area. DGZ is defiantly the place where you can find the best company out of four top experts in your local area, anywhere in Britain, for cheap UPVC windows, very nice looking orangeries, and external and internal doors or patio doors, under one roof.

When you’re looking for quotes for the best window costs, it’s always a good idea to shop around especially as the cost involved getting your glass installed is expensive, that’s the free service DGZ provide for you, comparing local prices, and honestly, it’s free, your under no obligation to buy from anybody, give it the window calculator try.