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Finding good double glazing prices can have it’s up and down so we created this page to answer more or less every question you have regarding the cost of double glazing windows.

The Cost of New Windows

  • The cost of getting new windows installed can range from £1700 to £2000 for 4 PVC windows if you choose a local company with decent prices. This figure is not set in stone and therefore it is advised that you shop around to find a company that looks after you.
  • There’s no website out there that can give you accurate costs because costs fluctuate from company to company because of running cost and the time it takes to fit them. Also, the price can be greater if you require windows in a flat or a house with higher floors.

Using Our Online Tools

The best way to get a quote would be to ask local companies and you can do that when you use our Price Finder that offers you 4 quotes to choose from and it’s free to use.

Take a Look at Our Pricing Tables Below

These prices are a rough estimate of costs from a range of companies we have worked for in the past. To get an accurate price, please use our Quotation Tools here.

Single Window: 600mm x 900mm uPVC Plastic A++ from £220 to £250
Single Window: 1200mm x 1200mm uPVC Plastic A++ from £250 to £350
Single Window:940mm x 1600mm uPVC Plastic A++ from £500 to £600
Full House Fittings: 4 bedrooms, 17 windows uPVC Plastic A++ from £4,750 +

Tilt & Turn: 2 light - 1200mm REAL Wood A++ from £850
Tilt & Turn: 1600mm x 900mm REAL Wood A++ from £700
Tilt & Turn: 2400mm x 1200mm REAL Wood A++ from £850
Tilt & Turn: 3000mm x 1500mm REAL Wood A+++ from £1100

SASH: 600mm x 900mm uPVC Plastic A++ from £550
SASH: 1200mm x 1200mm uPVC Plastic A++ from £650
SASH: 940mm x 1600mm uPVC Plastic A++ from £700
Full House Sash Fitting: Wooden Frames A+++ from £12,000+

Energy Savings Chart

Energy Rating Detached House Semi Detached Home Mid Terrace Bungalow Flat
A rated £125 - £180 £80 - £115 £75 - £110 £55 - £95 £45 - £75
B rated £115 - £150 £85 - £125 £75 - £90 £45 - £80 £55 - £80
C rated £125 - £140 £95 - £110 £75 - £100 £45 - £75 £50 - £65

window pricesWhat Can I Save Every Year

  • You probably know the defiantly a saving benefit when you get new windows fitting but what else can you expect from paying for new windows.
  • You can save around £150 to 200 on gas and electricity if you invest in the right windows. Here’s guide to show you how much you can achieve in savings.

Not only can you save money on energy bills you can also do yourself a favour and your pocket with the following benefits.

  • You add value to your property
  • Your home becomes a sound barrier
  • You have more privacy if you choose privacy glass

See more at

The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Double Glazing Windows

  • Reducing your energy bills and save around £200 per year.
  • You are reducing the carbon footprint of the world.
  • Keep the cold at bay with energy-efficient glazing because the glass keeps the heat in and gets rid of cold spots as well.
  • You’ll notice that sound doesn’t escape as much when you have double or triple glazing installed and that’s a great benefit on its own.
  • Condensation is a nightmare for homeowners buy when you have new windows, you can reduce condensation by up to 95%.

The prices of new windows with vary from home to home, business to business, depending on the frame size and material used. Because of this fact, you are much better off comparing installers because you choose one.

New A-rated windows should last for 20 years or more.

If you want a better way to work out the prices you are welcome to use our free Double Glazing Price Finder and comparing quotes from local and branded window fitters. Here it is here.

How windows work to keep your home warmers and sound proofed

When windows are manufactured they are designed with a 16mm gap in between the panes. They do it this way so they can fill that space with argon, xenon or krypton gas, which help with heat retention and a sound defence.

Compare double glazing prices from local and brand name companies

If you happen to be wondering if triple glazing is right for your home or business remember that triple glazing windows are not better than double glazing windows most of the time. To choose what windows you need you can see our triple glazing page here.

new windowsChoosing a frame for your new windows

You have a choice of option when considering new glazing and the frames that hold the glass in place. However, you might want to know what matters most.

  • Ask for the rating of the windows because this will help you pinpoint how well they stop the heat from escaping from outside of the window.
  • Sunlight is important when choosing new windows and you should ask the window company how much sunlight travels through the glass.
  • Also, it’s a good idea to ask about the air (if any) escapes from the windows or gas through a period of time because this makes a difference in the longevity of the glass and frames.
  • What else to look out for when windows are being fitted?
  • Low-E: Understanding how windows work will offer you great insights before you sign that agreement. You want low emissivity (Low-E) glass from a company with the best quality glass, this coats the glass with a layer of oxide that allows the sunlight in but keeps the heat in.

You want low as possible.

More about the gas using in the panes

I said above that the gas using in window manufacturing is argon, xenon or krypton, this is done as the glass is being placed together.

  • The material used to space the panes are known as – pane spacers – these are vital in the process of making windows. You want plastic or wooden pane spacers because metal ones are useless.
  • Warn edge pane spacers are the best you can find and if you ask a company if they use this material, they’ll know you know what you’re talking about and think twice about raising the prices.
  • Materials use for the window frames
  • The frames are important for looks and the way they make your house stand out. The important part of the window is still the glass because the glass does the job of keeping the heat in.

Compare double glazing prices from local and brand name companies

When choosing a frame it comes down to budget and you have three options, uPVC, aluminum and wooden frames. Any A-rated windows can be fitted to any frame.

  • Least expensive: uPVC or plastic window frames are always going to be cost effective, they recyclable and last for a very long time.
  • If you have wooden windows previously installed you may not have the option to choose uPVC and with wood frames, they have maintenance requirements and that cost money.
  • Steel frames are the most expensive sort of window frame but they do the enjoyment a favour as they can be recycled. Aluminium windows do last a long time and are lighter to work with.

If you go for the composite frames option, which can work out better for some customers? Composite window frames have a mixture of materials as in metal outside and wooden inside to keep the elements at bay.

Understanding window energy ratingsUnderstanding window energy ratings

Working out rating is very easy when you know how it works like the way you buy a fridge. Window companies rate their windows from an energy rating scheme from A to G (A being the highest) just like the fridge manufacturers do.

The whole purpose of glass is to keep the heat in and windows are rated in this way. When a company places a rating on the glass, they rate them on a score from A to G.

So a company with the highest rating wins the race in our books.

Find out more from The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC).

How window ventilation works

Ventilation is very important as good ventilation keeps the condensation build up on the inside of your windows. If you want to save some money you can buy frames with ventilation vents built-in and just replace the glass when it’s time to renew if you see the windows starting to show signs of wear and tear.

You can control the build up of condensation with adequate vents but if the problem persists this may be due to the window seal are worn down and may need to be replaced. Check this yourself as some so-called installers might try and get a full refit out of you when you only need new seals.

Compare double glazing prices from local and brand name companies

Older properties and windows

You may have already experienced the ups and downs of older builders and planning regulations, it is a nightmare. Here’s some advice when dealing with an older building and what you need to do if you don’t already know.

The local council can offer you the advice regarding restrictions (if any). You need so check them out before you go ahead with any building work and new windows.

Do you live in a conservation area?

  • Living in a conservation area means you must apply the rules of the local council and this means basically that you must improve your home to look like the rest of the bunch. This also means if older types of window frames are required, then you must renew to that look.
  • It may also mean you need to find a specialized double glazing company to make your new windows from scratch and they can also cost much more than traditional windows.
  • Always check with the local council to avoid charges and costs down the line.

Living in a listed building

The listed building is kind of the same as conservation areas and windows must be made in order to look like the previous frames but the glass can be different for energy savings and heat retention. Living in a listed building does have its drawbacks and staying within the rules must be adhered to.

Planning permission may also be needed for new windows with some listed buildings. Be sure to ask for the necessary advice from a planning advisor from your planning office. If you go ahead and don’t do the due diligence, it can cause you to lose money.

You can find out more about historic buildings and ways to make your building more energy efficient from

Sash double glazing windowsConcerns on sash windows

Sash windows do appeal to some homeowners buy most prefer not to use them because they are poor at keeping the heat in because they are made with only one pane of glass.

There have been bad stories about sash windows being fitted poorly and other who have commented on the way their home does not hold in the heat and that’s why most people don’t even think about having sash window installed.

  • Sash windows are expensive and even more costly to replace in many cases. The good news if that there are alternatives to sash including double glazing and other frames available from your double glazing company.
  • If you live in a listed building where sash windows are the only option you can keep the cold from getting in with blackout curtains and draught excluders at door entrances. Sash frames can also be fitted with seals around the window lips for added heat retention.

The framework must be like the old frames if it’s a listed building you do live in. Sash can offer you alternatives to double glazing if you have a fewer option in the property you live in.

Secondary double glazing

Adding a secondary pane of glass to existing windows is a cost-effective solution for property owners all over the UK. Although secondary double glazing is not as effective as a completely new win refit this can still be energy efficient around the home. You can also fit the second piece of glass yourself to save on costs if you have the skills to perform the job the right way so the windows do the job their supposed to do.

  • Try our service to reduce your window installation costs
  • We can actually help you find the perfect installer by lending a hand in the right direction. You can get quotations from 4 different companies to see what double glazing prices are in your area.
  • We have helped thousands of property owner take the hassle out of finding the right company and you can too.

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