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Email Policy

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Our email policy is a way to show you how we use your email address within our business and what we do with it when we have it in our system.

How We Use Your Email

We use your email address to keep in touch with your and send marketing promotions out to you from time to time. We will never annoy you whatsoever so please don't think your email address oil get hammered with emails from us trying to sell you products and service, we don't work like that.

We Will Never Sell It, Promise You

We will never, ever pass your email address onto any other company or sell it to a marketing agency. It stays with us at all times until you decide you want to opt-out at any time in the future.

We Will Never Spam You

Like we said at the start of this page, we will only inform you about the latest local deals available from home improvement companies and educated you with information and not spam.

If you want to know what spam is please follow this link.

We Keep it in a Secure System

We have SSL Socket Layer protection installed in our website management system, that means your email address it secures from hackers and other cyber criminals. Our SSL certificate is provided by GeoTrust, the most trusted Internet security company in the world. This means that the data you send to us like your name and address, phone number and email address are 100% secure from cyber crime attacks.

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If you don't know what SSL Socket Layer security is you get informed on this website. Here's the link (a new page will open)

Can I Opt-out?

We keep your email address on file and at anytime you want to stop us from emailing you, you can get in touch with us by sending an email to this email address and we'll take you off the list.

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You can read our privacy policy.