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Double Glazing FAQ
How does Double Glazing Zone work?

Our company doesn't install double or triple glazing or manufacturer, we are a company that puts you in front of local companies without you need to contact every single one of them individually and there could be a chance you miss that company who offers a better place and has different styles and designs any sort of glass.

This is very easy and straightforward to use. You tell us what job you want done just say a new conservatory or new double or triple glazing windows or perhaps you may want an orangery it installed. Whatever you're looking for we can help you find local installers that will give you a fair price and provide you with a full range of Styles and designs so you can go through them and choose whichever one suits your property. By doing it this way you have a better chance of coming between several local companies securing a great price for the same product you would find it from another company.

compare-pricesHow much will double or triple glazing cost me?

The question to the answer cannot be given right now because there are so many things to take into consideration like the design and Style you want and the size of your property are all taken into consideration when a price is evaluated. That's why we offer you for quotes from 4 different local companies so it gives you a great chance of getting a great deal. You'll be able to make the right decision before you go ahead and pay for your new home improvements.

How many designs can you choose from?

Our local partners will provide you with a catalogue of different designs in it and hundreds of different designs for conservatories and orangeries. You’ll be offered time to choose from many colours and styles and be given the chance to choose properly without being pushed into taking a job before your mind is set right.

environmentally friendly windows and doorsWhat energy ratings are my windows?

You'll be given energy rating A windows, which are the best standards for any double or triple glazing company. Your Windows will be installed to government regulation without you worrying about not having the appropriate windows installed that are not quality standards.

Should you choose double or triple glazing windows?

That depends on your budget as triple glazing is a lot more expensive than double glazing but the benefits really outweigh double glazing so it's best to install it for the future and it seems you a lot more money every month on the heating bills, we have a guide on this if you visit this link. Your glass will be fitted with 20 millimetres of spacing between them and filled argon, xenon or krypton gas, which helps with heat retention and sound proofing your entire home. You can choose how many layers you want when you're talking to the window installer when he arrives at your property with your free no obligation quotation.

question-about-glazingI want the best glass so what's the best?

All double glazing is low emissivity (Low-E) gas filled glass that let's be eaten during sunlight and prevents it from escaping again as the heat levels outside lower as the night falls. The type of glass you get when you install double or triple glazing in your conservatory or orangery or a standard window job will be suitable and high standards so don't worry about quality because that's what we're all about, finding you high quality, low-cost local companies.

DFFFFFHow do double and triple glazing windows work?

The most important part of any glazing is the type of glass used which is very high efficient a rating certificate. In between those panes of glass, you find three types of gases argon, xenon or krypton. These gases do a very good job at holding heating and prevent the gas from escaping and that's how new energy efficient Windows can save you on your energy bills compared to single pane glass because really single plain glass is really useless these days when it comes to glazing your home.

If you have any concerns over the energy efficiency of a double or triple glazed window you can check BFRC, Certass or BSI label. This is known as the "Rainbow label" so you know what you're looking for when you visit the website above. The higher the rating the more energy your home will retain and you'll find that with triple glazing because that has the highest rating for any type of windows.

Right now there are no obligations and procedures from the government that makes window companies label their products so you do not know which label you're getting until you visit the one of these websites be told you about if you do not know the company you're involved with it's better to ask them what sort of energy efficient Windows they install them check the website out to make sure they match. You can do this by all means but we can assure you when you use the services from double glazing zone you will be provided with the best energy efficient A rated windows you can find

Conservatories-from-doCan I choose the frame for my windows?

You certainly can choose the type of frame you want to be installed but this depends on what style of window you want, from aluminium, timber or UPVC framework UPVC windows and frames are more economical, they look brilliant and they are the cheapest form of double and triple glazing windows. You will be guided through which frame is the best for you and you will be given options before you decide so you're covered for every eventuality

Here's a mini guide to the framework?

UPVC frames are the most common type of window frame because of the durability and they last for a very long time and of course, they can be recycled which is great.

Wooden frames look lovely but they are more expensive than UPVC trim. You would use timber framework in areas where wooden frames at present who replaced existing framework

Aluminium frames a very durable and they last for a very long time, even longer than UPVC frames, they can also be recycled when they need to be replaced but you're talking about 30 years.

What about ventilation when I get my new windows installed?

Roy Chambers - Murrayfield, Edinburgh
September 1, 2017

If you are hesitant about using DGZ, you can take it from me, you shouldn't be, because they are a top notch company who has contacts to good quality, local companies for windows, doors. I first bumped into DGZ about 4 years ago and they have helped me twice and two family members get better prices for windows. DGZ first saved me £800 on my new windows back in 2011 then I had my front door installed in 2013 and again I used DGZ to get me a price. They really are an amazing company, take it from me.

Your windows will need ventilation, double and triple glazing windows have fitted ventilation access points built into them, and this greatly reduces condensation in the morning. You can never totally get rid of condensation but you won't see it as much with new A grade windows from our local partners.

Condensation builds up from the outside of your windows, this is because the glass penetrates the heat back into your home and keeps the cold temperature out. When this happens the windowpane outside gets cold and condensation forms, this is not a problem and usually clears up much faster with double or triple glazing products, so don't worry about that at all.

Use your vents at the top of your windows to clear it up faster.

If you want us to find you a great range of styles and design, and a great price, compare prices right here for experienced local companies that fight over your work and get more choices in your area.

Double Glazing FAQ