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Understanding this type of home improvement

An orangery is a little like a conservatory, but the difference is an orangery looks as if it’s built onto your property rather than an extension add-on if you know what we are what we mean.

This is a complete enclosure with more benefits than a conservatory has because it is bigger and has extra security features you can add and it looks amazing.

You get a lot of space when you install an orangery and that’s why many homeowners are going for this type of building, compared to a standard conservatory these days.

The typical classic type

The name goes back many years from the 17th through to the 19th century, the classical architecture was designed for stately homes but now we see them popped up everywhere. As they are now more affordable than they ever were it’s a good idea to invest and make your home more pleasant looking.

They add tremendous value to your home and you will certainly enjoy your new home improvement that lets you relax and enjoy a typical evening even better.

When you have a new beautiful design that’s approved and soundproofed to your exact needs you’ll feel much more at home and if you are planning to sell, this can be a very attractive decision for the buyer.

The term ” orangery ” was first used a long time ago, they used to grow citrus trees in them before we used them for extra space and relaxing in.

What do orangeries look like inside?

The typical look and feel is just like any other room you would use in a house or stately manor if you live in one, they are very classy and unique to every home, that is why they add so much value to the price of living and great part is bringing your family up with that extra space.orangeries

They will feel like a chill-out and of course, you’ll have an extra room where you can relax and have dinner or enjoy company during the evening with friends and family.


The construction depends on the style you choose because you can have patio doors or French doors or have them triple glazed for that extra weather proofing feeling benefit. After the building is constructed it should reach near enough the height of your building and have strong supporting foundations that will last a lifetime.

The construction is fully integrated and looks as if it’s part of your building rather than a hangover add-on, which a typical conservatory looks like.

Planning permission?

You must also have planning consent for your new building, which can be applied for at your local government office. Planning is usually straightforward and local councils are more reluctant to give you planning consent because of the environmental impact of your new home improvement.

Extra space

The benefits of installing a new room great for the typical family or a retired person because you can relax during the evenings and add great quality to your life. You can use your new building for family fun or have dinner in the sun, even if it’s raining, you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery from your back garden and make as much noise as you like.

You can fill it with items like sofas, sofa beds, tables and other types of furniture and ornaments if you wish.

What’s the difference between an orangery and a conservatory?

The difference is that this can be fully glazed and you have full roof beams, which I go from end-to-end of the room, giving you a fuller effect as if it’s a typical room you would see upstairs or at the back of your home, was a conservatory you have limited space compared to this and your conservatory can only be glazed from the side and the front with double glazing of triple glazing and patio doors.

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Useful applications?

You can use it for whatever you want, it depends on what your lifestyle and what you’re all about. If you are a gardener, you can use it for plants, trees, and another gardening themes.

If you run a business from home, you can use it as an office or a study, whichever is best for you, and the best part about this type of home improvement is it has a practical use for just about anything, from family events, to social gatherings, and you’ll be able to show your new room off to all your friends and family, just watch the jealousy though.

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