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Peter Davis - London

Peter Davis - London London September 2, 2017

Excellent service for window deals. I thought this website was no good at the start but when I tried it, it saved me £1220 compared to my last quote. Thank you so much. I highly recommend you!

Robert Bilston - Birmingham September 1, 2017

Very pleased with my new windows I couldn't have asked for a better job and all thanks to DGZ for the help finding me a great price but I will company, they really do save a lot of time. Cheers again.

Eddie Reynolds - Leeds September 1, 2017

Your website is very useful, I found it very easy to get information, not to mention the easy tools for comparing local companies. I was hesitant to use DGZ at first, but I went ahead, and I'm glad I did because they saved me £600 after I compared for local quotes. 10 out of 10.

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Greg Stone - Newcastle September 1, 2017

Great company, great advice, and very pleasant staff at the end of the phone. I couldn't have asked for a better job, DGZ provided me with four top quotes to choose from and the price was right. Thank you very much.

Sue Parker - Nottingham September 1, 2017

Thank you so much for sorting my double glazing, you saved me loads of time, otherwise, I would have been here for hours talking to companies. I would recommend you to anyone looking for double glazing and a conservatory. I am glad I found double glazing zone.

Pauline Mitchell - Glasgow September 1, 2017

I didn't really want to use this website because there are so many other websites saying get quotes and we'll get you the best prices, blah blah blah... But I can honest to god tell you that these guys know what they're doing and they did save me £700 compared to a previous quote I got so all I can say is thanks very much and I will remember you in the future.

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Kevin Bridges - Coventry September 2, 2017

I was looking for a better deal and that's exactly what I got once I use your system. It didn't take long once I told you about my job to start getting quotes through the phone. The first quote came in a day,  followed up by a home visit from a local company I knew about and now trust. Thanks for the great me service, love it.

Kevin Bridges - Coventry

Alan Todd - Manchester September 1, 2017

Thank you for doing a great job on my double glazing they look smashing. if I have any more projects in the future I know where to come because this service is second to none compared to other services I used we're only big brands start calling you instead of local companies. Really useful and helpful, thank you.

Eddie Irvine - Hamilton, Lanarkshire September 2, 2017

I got one quote for £4300, another quote for £5700, and another quote for £7000, and guess which one I took for the exact same windows. This service really works, thank you so much, guys, I'm going to tell the guys at work about this.

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Richard Thompson - Falkirk September 4, 2017

When you're looking for double glazing or a new conservatory look no further than the double glazing zone because they save me over £1,000 on my new windows, I couldn't have asked for any better when I started to get the quotes in I was pleased with the way you handled my job. Great service and will use you again.

Dianne Smith - Kirkliston, Edinburgh September 1, 2017

Media a new price for triple glazing because my old double glazing windows or beginning to look very nasty and untidy so I started searching on the Internet for a company who can provide me with a decent quote and guess what I found you again and I'm really really really really really glad I did because you save me over £500 and I know that because my mate was charged around £5,000 for the same windows and I got them for 4 and a half thousand and that was just two weeks ago. brilliant job guys

Susan Clark - Liverpool September 1, 2017

What can I say, this service is great, all I had to do was input a few details on the computer and local companies started calling me, arranging a time when they could come out and have a look at what I needed. I would have chosen a local company anyway, but it would have taken time ages and that's why this service is great, thank you.

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Stuart Henderson - Bothwell, Hamilton September 1, 2017

It was time to change my new windows after 17 years, I can remember the last time I got them installed, it seems only yesterday. Anyway, I came across your company and I got a quote that was decent enough for me to choose. I am glad it's just local companies you work with, well done, and I wish your company the best of luck.

Rachel Hunter - Lanark September 1, 2017

I was pleased with the first thought I got it but then another for coming and I chosen one that was in the middle of the price range I was thinking about. my new windows were installed within 3 weeks and they look fantastic even better looking than my neighbour Sharon's.

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