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Here is a list of top ten double glazing companies you can compare and get an idea of which is the best double glazing company and learn best practices on how to deal with companies when you need better prices for windows, conservatories, and doors.

Some companies you have heard about before and their some companies you haven’t and we’ve also listed comparison services where you can compare double glazing firms to get the competition going in your direction, winning you better prices all round.

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List of Top Ten Double Glazing Companies

Company 1: Safestyle UK

Safestyle UK has been provided double glazing and uPVC doors for more than 20 years, they are a long established company and know how to price double glazing jobs that suit your pocket and affordability. Safestyle provide one of the most efficient double glazing and conservatories products to the UK public and small business owners and they are surely a trusted company you can rely on without a doubt. They have become leaders in the manufacturing of double glazing units with a range of products in different colours, styles, and designs from red to blue, you choose what you need along with their double glazing savings they pass on to their customers.

According to their website they have around 750,000 happy customers to date and they say that this number is growing from month to month because they have a strong marketing presence on the Internet and on National TV, you may have seen their ad before. They invest in the latest technology employing 600 people in the 18-acre factory grounds producing 5,000 double glazed frames and over 12,000 double glazed units every single week so you can see you know what they’re doing.

See their ad to learn and get a feel for the company. Offers may have expired.

Company 2: Everest

Everest is in the middle of celebrating 50 years in the business and is very proud of it because they have installed lots of home improvement products in over 2 million homes. They provide excellent customer service with a price match guarantee and they say they will beat any like for like quote you get from a competitor of theirs, now that’s what trying out. Everest has a large double pane window glass product range to suit your interior and exterior home requirements and you can view different styles and designs from their monthly brochures they produce for their customers.

They guarantee value and customer satisfaction alone with great workmanship and a long life product guarantee to protect you new windows and doors from the elements. Like every single product you buy, there’s got to be wear and tear but Everest says their products greatly reduced signs of wear and tear because their products and materials are highly crafted by skilled tradesmen. You’ll find they offer great discounts if you take more than one product for them and also offer continuous discounts for repeat orders if you go back to them for another job.

See what make’s Everest great with their video below.

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Company 3: Anglian Home

Started in 1966, Anglian Home Improvements is another company at least 50 years experience installing windows, doors and conservatories for domestic and business customers all around Britain. Just like Everest, they are very well known brands and the public trusts them very much because they offer similar products but different in design and costs in some areas. Anglian also include finance options so you can pay your windows and doors up over a certain period of time and includes a 0% interest rate on some of their products, which is very beneficial to a homeowner he likes to pay for things monthly.

Have a look at one of their ads.


They are a member of the best Trade Association connected with manufacturing and customer satisfaction because of their long history and experience putting their company together. Experience is something you just cannot buy and when it comes installing a double glazed window or conservatories you want to make sure you choose a company who can fit them properly so you have the confidence knowing they won’t fall to pieces in a year because they are covered also was a great guarantee usually for 20 years and sometimes 25 years.

Anglian run a tight ship because they have committed their self to environmentally friendly materials and products and they have a great scrappage scheme, which enables them to recycle their old window frames and glass they take away from their customers home after the new windows are fitted. This also saves them money and in turn saves you money in the long run because they don’t need to keep buying fresh materials because recycled materials are just as good, if not better.

Company 4: Weatherseal

Weatherseal is part of the Entu Group, since 1963 which is according to them they are a great choice for A-Rated, energy efficient products across Britain and not only do they do home improvements in the form of double glazing and conservatories they also install boilers and provide other products around the home. According to their website they are very focused on saving their customers money. When you become in contact with this company they will also help you to reduce your energy costs by providing great information and advice on how you can do this for as little as possible and integrate their products with energy saving in mind at all times.

It’s great when a company puts the customer first, especially when they give you ideas for free on how to save money on your gas bills, which is really helpful when you’re looking to invest for the long term and get the best double glazing savings possible.

Purchasing is very easy with Weatherseal because they offer a fantastic ‘Lifestyle Account’ for each and every customer so you know where you are with your spending and investing.

Providing a real guarantee

When you buy from Weatherseal you get a GGFI insurance backed, 10 year Platinum Customer Guarantee that protects your purchase and the products you buy from them which says everything about the company really because it forwards trust and that’s what you should be looking for in a company you hire and spend money with.

If you are looking for where to buy double glazed windows or are looking for quotes, please use our free comparison tools that compare double glazing companies no matter where you live in the UK. Start here.


Company 5: Penicuik

Penicuik is a Scottish based company and provides full installation services all around Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen as they have offices in these areas and can accommodate any customer living within these postcode areas. Along with providing double glazing windows and UPVC conservatories, this company also provides roofing services to accommodate any type of roofline for their domestic and business customers.

They provide a full range of products and designs to accommodate your individual needs and styles from Victoria to a more retro look if you so desire, and this can be paid for also in a finance option because they have flexible payment terms in place because they know that each customer is different in the way they like to pay for things.

So if you live in Scotland this is the best company we can recommend for all your home improvement needs and if you would like to compare double glazing why don’t you use a free service from the double glazing zone because it compares a lot of local companies and big brands to find you the perfect place that is just perfect and suited to your needs.

Company 6: CRsmith

CRSmith is another Scottish based home improvement company providing double glazing, UPVC doors, conservatories and orangeries to customer’s around Scotland only. They have been going for 35 years and have a large brand recognition around Scotland because of their on-going television adverts and in the past their well-known sponsor of Celtic Football Club from 1984 – 1991 and then between 1993 – 1997. Providing a range UPVC products you can count on CR Smith to deliver exceptional quality products and the prices according to them are well matched in this industry so if you want you can give them a try to see how much it will cost to reglaze your home.

Company 7: Apple Home Improvements

Apple Home Improvements it’s a bit younger than the other brands we talked about today but they do provide excellent options and installation of double and triple glazing products. They are based in Bournemouth but they can also accommodate customers in Ferndown, Southampton, and Weymouth and surrounding areas so if this is the area you live in you should give them a try because they are really experienced at what they do and provide excellent communication techniques between them and the customers and they’ll be able to answer any questions you have regarding your new project whether it be double glazing or a brand new conservatory.

You can also allow Apple to quote you for any roofing repairs or everything that you need doing around the home so you can see they are very versatile when it comes to improving your home and they say they can save you money as well but does not every company say that?

You’ll need to find out by asking them for a quote or using our service that compares local companies in Bournemouth and it’s free to use, here it is here, just click here.

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Company 8: Morley Glass

Morley Glass are the biggest manufacturer and distributor of Venetian & Pleated blinds and sealed double glazing units, they also provide a range of other services including solar panels and a range of glazing services that provide local installers with quality materials they need in order to get your job done the right first time. Morley has just moved into a new factory because of their massive expansion of their company so you can see there in business for the long term and plan to stay there for many years to come. The company is based in Leeds and provides glass to local companies that install Conservatories and Windows as they do not install the actual products themselves, as they are a manufacturer.

If you are looking for noise reduction double glazed windows you can ask them where to start looking or use or free service to compare double glazing glass prices online right here.

Company 9: Coral Windows

Coral is a company based in Yorkshire that provides double and triple glazing windows as well as conservatories and uPVC doors for the public and small businesses around Yorkshire. Coral is a Fensa (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) registered company and it took quite a long time to get this accreditation because they have built up Trust with the public and now have the experience to do any sort of job when it comes to glazing a house. So if you stay in the Yorkshire area please don’t pass on Coral and make sure you get a quote from them as well as the other companies listed above here because that is the best way to find the best price for double glazing by asking more than one company for a quote. Here is corals TV advertisement ad.

Here’s a look at corals TV advertisement ad.

Company 10:Zenith

Zenith they are experts on energy saving products, which includes double and triple glazing as well as conservatories, orangeries and an extensive range of UPVC doors, which they fully install by themselves. According to the website they have committed their self to provide excellent customer service and technical excellence with product innovation throughout the years and provide high-performance products since 1969.

They say they have 98% of customers recommending them to other customers and they say their rating is outstanding compared to other companies surrounding their competition. They have a showroom in Norwich, which opened in 1995 so you can see if they have grown to the demand of this market. They released a product range called Zenergy, which comprehends sliding doors and all-new composite door ranges, which started in 2015. Zenith is based in Manchester and not only do they provide double and triple glazed windows, they provide garage doors, canapes, roofline products, conservatories and porches for the domestic marketplace.

Ask about their double glazing special offers if they have any running when you can as they usually do from their monthly sales and marketing efforts.

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We hope you found our top ten double glazing companies page useful and if you did, please leave a comment below. Here are a few resources for you to use and refer back to if you ever come across any problems with any home improvement of double glazing installers. We have included the double glazing ombudsman which is very helpful when you need advice about dealing with double glazing companies if you ever come across one that promises you the world and does not provide you exactly what they advertise or they provide a price for you and you end up paying more because you are not told about the small print on any fine detail about the company’s terms and conditions.

Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme

Advice for Consumers

Fensa – Advice and consumer help with finding an installer.

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