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Triple Glazing Price Comparison and Guide for Homeowners

What’s The Difference Between Double and Triple Glazing?

Triple Glazing Guide

Most homeowners are reluctant to stay with double glazing, so why should you consider triple glazing, what’s the difference and will it save you, even more, money if you pay the extra costs involved for triple glazed windows?

We’ll answer that for you by giving you the lowdown on the benefits of triple compared to double glazing, then you can decide which type of windows you want to go for and start getting local prices near you for style and design.

The idea of new glazing is to reduce energy consumption around your home and you want to do that the best way possible, even governments are putting the pressure on new homeowners to install double glazing because at the end of the day it does help the environment and your pocket.

The U Value on Triple Glazed Windows

According to building regulations, the U value of double and triple should be around 0.8 to 1.6, that now is the stand up of all windows and they values really do cut costs when we’re talking about savings on energy bills when you find an installer who fits this standard. Your installer should install a U value of 0.8 as most manufacturers now make windows with recommendations from building regulations.

So you know you’ll be fine when you use the tools from the Double Glazing Zone to find a trusted local installer because all of the above will be covered.

Should you switch to triple glazing?

Triple Glazing Quotes

Triple window panes are used in very cold countries because of its immense heat retention and extra soundproofing benefits because the glass is filled with Krypton gas compared to Argon gas, which is used for double glazing, Krypton is a better impenetrable material, which keeps in the heat even better than double glazed windows and prevents heat from escaping by 45%Triple Glazing.

Also, triple glazed window frames are made especially to fit this type of glass because of the way the glass is supposed to work as an airtight solution.

In the UK, it really is an optional consideration, but if you want to save even more money on your central heating bills, we would suggest you go for the triple if you are definably thinking about any type of windows in the near future.

If you look at it this way, if it keeps a house warm in very cold companies like Russia and Canada, what will it do for your house in the UK because the UK is not as cold as any of these countries so triple will make a huge difference to you.

Plus, new triple glazed windows fitted around the home looks even smarter with fancy stylish frames used and the way they bulk out from the window section of the building.

Extra soundproofing

As we briefly mentioned above, soundproofing benefits of triple compared double are very impressive indeed, because of the Krypton gas that these windows are filled with you can expect at least 30 to 40% extra soundproofing compared to double glazing windows, the reason for this is that extra pain of glass, customised frames, and the quality these windows are made using advanced technology and building regulations make sure you get what you are paying for.

These windows are more expensive because of the fact that they have a higher cost of manufacturing.

Heat absorbing windowpanes

All double glazing windows are excellent at absorbing heat and keeping your home warm. The great benefit of the triple is that it reflects the heat from outside, which saves your windows warming up, but still retaining heat inside your home and better than double glazed windows by around 50%.

They are designed to adapt this way by manufacturers around the world, so that’s another consideration on triple glazed windows because of the way they are made and the smart technology behind them.

Does triple make sense in this country?

Many people argue that double glazed windows are efficient for any home and it’s true, you should not think that triple is just a marketing gimmick to get more money out of the homeowner because this is not true as triple really adds more value to your home.

New windows also increase your property value and save you, even more, money monthly, every year, on utility costs because triple does retain and circulating more heat around your home a lot better than single or double glazing.

You will see the benefits only after you have them installed, and please be assured you are not wasting your money with triple glass windows because if it works for really cold countries it will provide immense value for homeowners in the UK, especially in the winter but also excellent for the summer time.

Are you thinking about triple glazed windows installation?

The benefits of this type of glazing outweigh double glazing by at least 50% in regards to style, heat retention and value for money down the line. You will really notice a difference when you have new triple windows installed as most homeowners do after the first few months, you’ll see the savings on your energy bills and the newly created environment and atmosphere around your property.

If you want to try our free to use service that finds local prices in your area for triple glazing, go ahead and tell us about your project right here, it works and it saves you a load of time and hassle.


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