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uPVC Windows: Get Amazing Prices for Replacement & New Windows

What are uPVC Windows and Why Should You Consider This Type of Frame?

Our uPVC windows guide helps you discover more about this type of window in detail. Right, we’ll get right to it. uPVC is a nickname for “Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride“, because of the obvious fact here (it’s too long to remember). It’s a type of hard wearing, low-maintenance plastic or the other name for it is vinyl – you may have heard people referring to that.

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Do you know that 70 to 80% of new windows made in the UK are made of Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride? Well, they are and there are a few good reasons for that folks.

It is a very durable plastic and well used in the glazing industry for its long lasting properties (20-years or more) and affordability. Window manufacturers love this stuff because of its rigid capabilities while machining the frames.

Another fantastic reason is the insulation and energy efficiency uPVC offers as it saves money on gas usage because uPVC has great heat retention properties.

uPVC window guide and information

What are the common uses of uPVC for double glazing?

This material is so versatile you can have it in just about any colour you want (white, black, brown, blue and red if you wanted. It’s used in double and triple glazing installation all over the UK and can also be used for porches, sunrooms and conservatories.

It’s advised that you changed the seals every 5 to 7 years to stop condensation from forming inside your window panes. The installer should at the same time renew the silicon sealant along with the new seals.uPVC conservatory

Other Uses of Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride

You’ll find that uPVC is widely used for:

  • You’ll find window frames and sills
  • External front and back doors
  • Fascia, cladding and guttering and downpipes

Glass and uPVC window frames

When choosing glass wither it’s toughened, stained or smoked it will fit right into the frames with no problems. Although the glass can very heavy the frames can take the weight because when it’s fitted it also gets the support from the outer structure.

The Benefit of uPVC Windows

These types of frames have even more benefits that aluminium or a timber window frame. That’s why a lot of homeowners prefer Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride because these benefits listed below…

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The Great Benefits of uPVC Window Frames

  • When you order windows you’ll always need to wait a few weeks because they’re made to measure to suit your desirability and design. It’s a bit like building your own car when you buy brand new because you can pick the colour like I mentioned above and if you have an awkward window size, uPVC is a cheaper alternative to timber or aluminium, which costs more, a lot more.
  • Another great benefit is the fact that you can make your windows look like wood effect or even metal effect, uPVC is so flexible it’s unbelievable.
  • Wear and tear? Not with this type of frame and as far as we’re concerned, it’s the best investment you can make because it doesn’t rot or fade in with sunlight and is highly waterproof.
  • You can choose good, great or the best security locks for these windows as they’re getting made in the factory, now that’s a bonus.
  • Once the windows are installed all you need to do is wash, then once a fortnight or once a month to keep them gleaming.
  • And not to forget that they are fire resistant, which is now a British Standard law and it’s that much better for homeowners if you ask us.
  • Rain, hail or snow your window will stand the test of time and the elements (great for Scottish residents, well up the highland anyhow). And the glass and frameworks both ways because it keeps the heat in when it’s freezing outside and cool inside homes when the sun is blazing, how’s that for quality?uPVC windows and why us them?
  • The there the recycling benefits of uPVC windows. Do you know that Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride can be recycled many times over so they can make computers and plastic stuff with the material again?
  • If you choose a good quality glass you’ll also get amazing soundproofing benefits and you can tell the difference between cheap glass and middle range glass you know?
  • And do you know that you can save up to 35% on heating bills every year when you invest in good high-quality uPVC windows?

Saving on the bills is one of the main reasons homeowners buy the best quality windows because they understand the difference it can make down the line. This is even more important for young families as busy households will see the benefits of good uPVC double glazing more than an older couple would.

The reason being is that doors and always opening and shutting, traffic is in and out and all over the place. So when Dad uses his authority and nails that down, you could get a new holiday out of it if you are careful with money.

So what do you think about uPVC windows?

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Why use uPVC?

Find out why so many homeowners all over Britain choose uPVC for their homes.

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