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Window Guide | The Types of Windows Available to You

Learn about the different types of windows you can fit, and what the benefits are for each window type on this page. From there you will be able to work out what you need. Also, learn what you should be looking for and if you need a price from local windows fitters, we can help you with that.

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But first, learn about window types below.

Bay Windows

Tilt & Turn Windows

Casement Windows

Bay windows are used for main places around the home, like the living room and also conservatories and porches. These windows are excellent light pullers and fantastic for larger rooms or on the front of your home. Bay windows are seen all over the UK and most homeowners love the benefits that bay type windows offer.

You’ll find that bay type windows come in an arched frame and also come in a choice of colours and designs to suit any homeowner wishing to transform the look of their property and the value of their property like all good home improvements do.

Tilt and Turn windows are used in 70% of UK homes because of they are so versatile. They open at the top “inwards” and close by pushing the handle back in and turning it to lock. Always choose A-rated windows here and use good vents at the top to allow air flow in kitchen, toilets, living room and any other area. You can add you own security locks also (well the fitter will) to prevent crime and if you can add very strong glass, that’s even better. Toughened glass is expensive, but it last longer and it can be stained or coloured with a tint of your choice. 



Case windows can be fitted to hard to reach places as it saves to reaching out. You’ll find casement windows in kitchens mostly because they’re easy to open (left to right) as opposed to tilt and turn windows. Casement type windows offer fresh air and are sealed with Argon or Krypton gas for heat retention.




Fixed Windows

French Windows

Seamless Windows

These windows are fixed and permanent to the surface of your wall and cannot be opened but let air in the summer and keep the cold out in winter months when the right glass is fitted in the frame. You’ll see French windows in patios, sunrooms and conservatories. They come in double or triple glazing and can be opened wide for summer days and can be a great heat retainer in winter months also. And there beautiful looking too. Seamless windows are for larger homes with big gardens. If you want to see the beautiful views outside and bring in the fresh air, the seamless is the way to go. You can also add privacy glass to Seamless frames or add toughened glass for peace of mind.

Skylight Windows

Sliding Windows

Picture Windows

Skylight windows are used in lofts and loft conversion projects. There a brilliant light givers and can withstand the severe type of weather. They can be opened to allow air flow to circulate around the room and some can be opened fully in summer months here in the UK. Skylight windows can save on on electric bills because you don’t need a light bulb on all day and natural light is the best light you can get and it’s packed with vitamin D. Sliding windows, slide up and done. The frame is made of two parts, one at the bottom that is fixed and the other one at the top for opening and shutting during the day and at night.




Picture windows create a look of extra space around your home, They are also very large windows used for open plan houses and flats They can be used for any home really and they allow great ventilation throughout your home 24 hours a day, which is great. You can also open these windows too just like any other, but there are very large so you might want to leave the vents open all the time to save reaching for the handle.

Tilt & Slide Windows

Awning Type Windows


You can tilt and slide them, they tilt inward from the top of the frame and for the slide – you can slide the window horizontally, which make these window easy for older people or just everyday use. A very popular window here in Britain.



Used mostly is bathrooms and areas where you need light and air passing through the house. Awning windows are designed with this purpose in mind. Other advantages of these windows are privacy as privacy glass can be installed and placed in areas where you want some privacy from neighbours and people passing by your home. These can use used in flats, houses and garages and of course in shower rooms. These are very common types of windows used both in the UK and other parts of the world. Get Window Quotes

Energy Efficient Window Rating Information

In the UK windows are rated on the Energy Efficient Rate like A+ A++ and B and C energy rating. Our advice to you would choose the best you can afford and choose windows with the highest rating. Ask your local installer before you get them fitted what rating they fit and if it is A+ or A++ then your are fine.

Your windows are made from factories that pass British Standard so it’s perfectly safe to use a one man band if they have the experience to carry themselves.

Using our Price Finder service you can achieve great savings in your local area and the service is free of charge. If you want to start using the service you can find it here. We only work with companies with more than 15 years experience installing window, doors and conservatories so you are in very safe hands homeowners.

Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

They are loads of benefits to double glazing windows. Here are the top benefits for your consideration homeowners.

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  • Very energy efficient
  • Save money every year when fitted
  • Great insulation properties
  • Great ventilation properties
  • Keeps the cold out in winter months
  • You can reduce outside noise with soundproofing
  • You can add privacy glass
  • Adds value to your property
  • Keeps the heat in during summer months

You see there are so many benefits to double glazing and it makes your home much nicer looking when you have quality windows installed.

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